Bike Dept.

Bike Dept. helps you find available Bikes

Bike Dept. is an iOS application that makes it easy to use city bike shares in Aspen, Boston, Boulder, Charlotte, Chattanooga, Chicago, Columbus, Denver, Des Moines, Fort Worth, Ft. Lauderdale, Greenville, Hawaii, Houston, Kansas City, Long Beach, Madison, Miami Beach, Minneapolis, Mountain View, Nashville, New York City, Omaha, Palo Alto, Redwood City, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Francisco, San Jose, Spartanburg and Washington DC.

About Byte Dept,

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Bike Dept. is the best mobile app for bike shares

By more accurately calculating bike availability, we can be sure of when and where bikes are available. Bike Dept. crunches the numbers to make sure you get the closest available bike.


trendThanks to an intelligent mix of live feeds, hourly trending and historical results, we don’t only know if a bike’s available now, we can predict if one will be there when you’re ready.

Broken Equipment

brokenWe track broken bikes and docks and removes them from the map. If it’s broken, we won’t send you there and we’ll make sure you find the next good one.

Number of Riders

numberofridersBike riding is more fun with friends. Tell us how many riders you have and we’ll automatically adjust the results so everyone gets a set of wheels at the same dock.

Filter Stations

filterFan of surefire things? Remove red and yellows stations from the map with a swipe of your finger and see the docks that definitely have bikes waiting for you.


Download Bike Dept. for iOS

Bike Dept. is available for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices. To download Bike Dept. for free, please visit the iTunes App Store.

Supported US bike share systems

Bike Dept. is compatible with the following city systems: Austin B-cycle, Battle Creek B-cycle, Hubway, Boulder B-cycle, Broward B-cycle, Charlotte B-cycle, Bike Chattanooga, Divvy, Columbia County B-cycle, Columbus CoGo, Denver Bike Sharing, DFC B-cycle, Des Moines B-cycle, Fort Worth Bike Sharing, Greenville B-cycle, Hawaii B-cycle, Houston B-cycle, Pacer Bikeshare, Kansas City B-cycle, DecoBike, Madison B-cycle, Milwaukee B-cycle, Nice Ride, Bay Area Bike Share, Nashville B-cycle, Citi Bike, Ohmaha B-cyle, Bay Area Bike Share, Bay Area Bike Share, GREENbike, San Antonio B-cycle, Bay Area Bike Share, Bay Area Bike Share, CAT Bike, gRide, Spartanburg B-cycle, Capital Bikeshare.

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Bike Dept. was built with by Byte Dept. In our free-time we build products we wished already existed, Bike Dept. is one of those products.

Bike Dept - by Bike Dept- Find Bikes Easy — Bike Dept. is everyone's favorite bike share application. Find Bikes. Find Docks. Find Bike Lanes. REQUIRES iOS: 6.1 or later and up CATEGORY: Navigation RATING:
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